45kg LPG

We supply filled 45kg LPG bottles to residential and commercial customers direct from our Darfield depot.

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Delivered from $136 inc GST*
(pricing effective 13/02/23 and are fixed until February 2025)
* Delivery price varies based on the delivery location.

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We can also deliver 9kg swap bottles
with your next 45kg LPG bottle
delivery from $37.

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Get LPG gas bottle delivery to your door in three easy steps 


1. Open your online account and let us know the number of gas bottles, size (9Kg, 45kg), and preferred delivery day.  

2. Check your email for a welcome pack including the upcoming delivery schedule  

3. We deliver (and switch out any old bottles)  

4. When you're ready to re-order, simply order online.

Why gas delivery beats swap

Why leave home when you can save a trip and petrol, since our delivery service is fast and convenient. Great if you’re busy. Please note we only deliver 9kg bottles with your 45kg order. 

What gas bottle sizes do you deliver? 

Our standard delivery size is 2x45kg with a 9kg bottle as an optional extra. In Sumner, Lyttelton, and wider Banks Peninsula, we also offer 27kg or 18kg bottles which are popular for steep driveways or difficult access points.  


How long will delivery take? 

We service all areas regularly, but the exact delivery day will depend on your area. For most areas, this works out to 3 times a week or within 24 hours of your order.  


Gas delivery price NZ 

The bottled gas price is made up of any delivery fees, and the gas itself. At LPG4U, we deliver 45kg bottles from $136 although this varies depending on your location. Our current prices are fixed until February 2025.


How long does a 45kg gas bottle last?

This ultimately depends on the use — whether it’s cooking, heating, or hot water, and how many hours use it gets each day. Generally, a 45kg cylinder will give you upwards of 147 fuel hours which generally lasts between 1-3 months as a heating source. In contrast to gas heaters or hot water supply, home cooking uses less gas and a standard delivery of 2x45kg often lasts for at least a year.  


How long does a 9kg gas bottle last? 

Again, this depends on the appliance being used, the frequency of usage, and the intensity.  

For example, you’ll get about 26+ hours on a single burner barbecue, 6+ hours on a 4-burner barbecue, and 12+ hours on a patio heater.  


How do I connect a gas bottle to my house? 

If you’re not plumbed up or set up with gas fittings, you’ll need a certified gas fitter. Give us a call and we can recommend a fitter in your area. 


What if I have some gas left? 

We weigh bottles on collection and will offer a credit where applicable.  


How do I switch from one bottle to the other? 


What if I already have some gas cylinders from another supplier?

If you’re switching from another provider, we can remove the gas cylinders, swap them out, return them to your existing provider on your behalf


Which gas companies in Christchurch service Rolleston and Darfield?

LPG4U and Kiwigas both offer deliveries in Rolleston and Darfield.