What is bottled gas called?

Bottled gas is (most commonly) made up of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). LPG is simply a mixture of propane and butane gases. A higher butane mix is popular for home use in warmer climates. Here in Canterbury, we need a gas that puts out a little more heat, so we offer a slightly higher propane mix.  


What is bottled LPG used for?

LPG is suitable for home heating, gas fires, gas cookers, barbecues, patio heaters, and water heating. One great thing about using gas for your hot water is that it heats instantly, so there’s no waiting for the water to heat on a cold morning, or when you’re last in line for the shower. Plus you only pay to heat the water you use.


What options are there for bottled gas?

Bottled LPG sizes range from 2.5kg right up to 45kg. Our services include regular gas delivery runs to your area, swap a bottle and gas refill.


Gas bottle comparison - 45kg and 9kg 

Compared to a 9kg, a 45kg cylinder will last a lot longer. If your appliance draws a lot of gas, the smaller 9kg bottles have a slight risk of ‘icing up’ on those cold Canterbury mornings. Because a 45kg bottle has more volume, there is less risk of icing. So, for heating your home, the bigger bottles are a better option.

LPG Bottles & Gas delivery agent

9kg: barbeques & gas hobs

45kg: gas hot water and gas fires

2kg: camping cookers, portable barbeques

4kg & 4.5kg: campervan caravans 

27, 18, 14, 12kg: lighter for challenging access


Which is the best bottled gas supplier in Canterbury

Well, maybe we’re biased, but if you want local service, convenient delivery, and competitive prices – we can help!  


What are gas prices like in New Zealand? 

The bottled gas price is generally made up of bottle rental, any delivery fees, and the gas itself.  At LPG4U, we have 45kg bottles from $136 or 9kg from $37 (check with us for our latest deal).  


What size gas bottles should I order for my home?

Our most popular home delivery is 2x45kg gas bottles. We can also deliver a 9kg along with your 45kg order, but we don’t deliver 9kg bottles on their own.