See below for our most frequently asked questions, as well as some top tips. For any other enquiries, please call us on 022 454 2981 or fill in the enquiry form here.

How long will a bottle last

This really depends on what the LPG is being used for, and how many people live in the house.  However, a 45kg bottle should last around 4-7 weeks for a 4 person household using LPG to heat hot water and for cooking.

Connection Information

Each property will have two 45kg bottles connected to the outside of the house. Most customers usually only have one bottle on at any one time, which allows them to drain only one bottle at a time. When that bottle is empty, they then turn that bottle off, turn the other bottle on and order a replacement bottle while they still have LPG.

The other option is to have both bottles turned on, however still only drawing from one bottle until it is empty. When empty it automatically draws from the full bottle next to the empty bottle. The only issue here, is that if the gas usage isn’t monitored, you could run out of gas before you have ordered a delivery. If this does occur a 9kg bottle can be fitted to see you through until your next delivery arrives.

Delivery - steep driveways, dogs, etc

When you order a bottle of gas, we schedule that order with our driver. When they are next in that area, we can deliver that bottle to you. We try and keep the same friendly driver delivering in the same area. This allows them to get to know you and your preferences. e.g. if you require your gate locked, you have a pet that we need to know about, or how you would like your bottle delivered. Giving it a personal touch with a smile.

We need to have a clean clear access to your bottle. This ensures a safe and accessible delivery of your gas.

Tips to conserve your gas consumption

Cover open pots/pans with a lid as far as possible. Before lighting stove prepare and have all the material ready and within reach. Reduce the flame once boiling. Use pot/pan of right size and shape for the element.

Use a water saving shower head which will help save water and energy.

Ensure your tap is turned to cold before turning them on to avoid using gas when only cold water is needed.