9kg Gas bottle swaps 

Get a replacement 9kg gas bottle with our swap a bottle service at the following locations in Selwyn: 

Challenge Darfield, Super Liquor Lincoln, Super Liquor Leeston.

LPG4U Locations

Need to exchange your 45kg bottles?  

Set up an account and our friendly drivers will swap your bottles over on their next delivery run.  


Swap your LPG bottles in no time

Visit one of our bottle swap locations where all 9kg bottles are pre-tested and ready to swap! 
Or, for 45kg bottles, we can switch them out during a delivery run. 


How does gas bottle swap work? 

We can either swap your 9kg bottle for a pre-tested replacement at one of our Bottle Swap locations. Or, set up an account and our team will deliver and swap at your home or business.  


What size bottles can I swap?

The only size we can swap on the spot is 9kg.


Can you swap expired gas bottles?

You can exchange an expired bottle for a certified one, and we will dispose of your expired bottle for you (at no added fee).